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US M1938 Tanker Helmet (New)

UK British Officer F.S. Cap

USMC 2nd Pattern Canteen Cover

US M1905 Rollneck Sweater (Improved Run)

Canadian Pattern Khaki Drill Shirt

UK P08 or P37 Large Pack

Canadian 1916 Pattern Large Pack

US Army Model 1878 Haversack

US Army Model 1899 Haversacks

USMC Haversacks (1899)

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UK Buttons

WPG has acquired a large supply of original of Mk VII bags, long thought to be nearly extinct. These bags appear to be in unissued condition, although some show minor corrosion of metal parts.

US Tent Peg

US Morphine syrette

WWII pattern Kings Crown RAF buttons.  Large for front of coat; Small for pockets.

Black Watch Buttons

Perfect reproduction of WWII long stockings worn with kilts and shorts. 100% wool: hand wash, line dry.

WWII pattern Kings Crown RAF buttons.  Large for front of coat; Small for pockets.

UK Water Bottle Corks

Reproduction MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag as used by Indiana Jones

These are UK sizes. Check size conversion charts.
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UK WWII Style Plimsolls Reproduction
UK WWII Style Plimsolls Reproduction
New reproduction of PT shoes worn by British soldiers throughout WWII and also long after.  These were also frequently used by Special Forces such as the SBS, COPP and Commandos.  Made by and Indian contractor who made these for the Indian Army into the 1990's.  NOTE THAT THESE ARE IN BRITISH UK SIZES.

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UK Buttons

Buttons, brass, dished, as used on early battle dress, khaki drill shorts and trousers, denim trousers and many other clothing items, new.

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UK First Field Dressing (Original)

Australian, 1942 dated.

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British Ammo Boots
My new run of reproduction Ammo Boots are a big improvement in overall qualilty. All leather construction, pebble grain uppers, cap toe. Comes complete with toe and heel irons and hobnails.
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British Army WWII Socks
Exact reproductions in 100% wool.
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